The World of Ora

Meeting in Accord

First Weekend

Main details from session 1 and 2

As the party worked their way through town, the farmer stepped into Voro’s Oddities and discovered houses with little wooden figurines inside. The houses sold for 15 gold each and there were 8 of them. The figurines could speak to anyone holding them. The Farmer discovered that the figurines were made into wooden dolls by an old woman who was trying to protect/render them immortal. There are no known whereabouts of the old woman. The farmer left the figurines in the shop. Further investigation of the shop revealed a strange horse shoe, with crude Chosen markings, reading “Return to Sender.”

After meeting, the group decided to get a Patron. They were informed that acquiring a patron was difficult and often costly; a patron would speak for them, defend them against accusations, and help provide them with quests and gear. In exchange, most patrons requested specific actions be taken before fronting a group, or guarantees after. In an interesting and unexpected move, one of the party members asked one of the two Dread Chosen guarding the Creation Stone temple to be their patron.

A deal was struck, and 500 gold was given to the party. The chitin-covered Dread pointed out that he has no ties to the city; his only duty is to guard and protect the Stone. As a result, the party can expect little in the way of help from him, at least directly.

The group went to investigate chilling tales of moans in the graveyard, only to be ambushed by a Necromancer and three Blooded. After killing the Necromancer, the three Blooded retreated – only to ambush the party yet again. Once more, the three Blooded retreated from confrontation after a party member released a massive earth-based explosion, dealing significant structural damage to a building just beyond the graveyard.

The next morning, the group was confronted by Red John about the assault. John was furious: no battle magic is allowed in the city. In exchange for clemency, the party agreed to investigate the odd-acting Blooded.

An investigation outside of the South Wall of the city, near an oddly tortured tree, revealed the home of the Necromancer (Darrl Hatch) and his deceased, but preserved family. Apparently he was attempting to revive his dead wife and child, using experimental techniques that the Blooded were providing him with. In exchange, he was to make the Blooded fertile again. The party looted several arcane books from the house, presumably filled with vile texts. In his house the party also found a necromantic horse that could be controlled with a magical saddle.

The party investigated the area outside of the house and one party member, the Jun spellcaster, nearly got sucked into the cursed tree. The party managed to free him, thanks to his strong will and resistance to the Curse, but the tree immediately began exhibiting hints of the Wu Jen’s elemental magic. The party fled the scene, leaving the horse behind.

The group then investigated odd tales of an amorous horse in the town. Some 25 hands tall, the horse was vaguely nightmare-appearing, and the missing horse shoe was his. He appeared to have some basic telepathy, being able to say “Dur” to anyone who addresses him. He also demonstrated a horrifying sense of humor. After the group bonded with Dur and showed him the necromantic horse (in an attempt to ease his libido), Dur revealed that he could draw a crude symbol of summoning (at the party’s request for aid in destroying the horse/Necromancer’s house). Somehow, the house was nearly instantly destroyed, though the nearby cursed tree remained.

Later, the Wu Jen went to speak with Red John about events, only to stumble across Soules’, the Chaos Bringer. The Wu Jen experimented with Soules’ chaos field in an attempt to fill 10 vials with pure Chaos for the head of the Magical College (Sevrina Ilkjold). The results of his attempts were disastrous: he was transformed into a horned, hideous purple-people-eater who was so revolting that none could resist attacking him. He was also cloned. And then cloned again, as his reverse-self. The reverse-self managed to somehow cleanse the taint of Chaos and the temple of Rial.

Elsewhere, outside, the party saw the cloned Purple People eater being slaughtered by their evil cloned companion, who explained that the People Eater was a pedophile. When the real Wu Jen walked down the street and attempted to kill his evil clone, the party went to the clone’s defense. After a brief altercation, the party decided to sic Dur on the People Eater, going so far as to use a well-made illusion of a horse over the Eater’s body. The result was disgusting, messy, and horrifying. On the up side, the clone – now a party member – wasn’t truly evil, so much as he hated the other versions of himself – had duplicates of all the items the origin had, including 10 extra vials of Chaos.

The Clone used the 10 vials of chaos to purchase the mage library back from Sevrina for the temple of magic (save Breana’s personal journal), earning their favor.

Re-united with the new Clone, who appeared much more logical than their past member, the group went on to investigate the abduction of the twin siblings of Ness Twyrie. They discovered a group of humans a few miles outside of Accord, apparently preparing to sacrifice Ness. Interrupting the ceremony, the group saved Ness’ sister and brother, only to discover that the brother was corrupt beyond saving and had savaged his own sister. During the process, the group also had to combat multiple demonic creatures. They later found out that the demons were summoned from within the Prime Material plane. One of the people involved in the summoning was Carly Duggen, a person of reported worth in the city.

Upon investigating the twisted symbols of those in the defeated cabal, the group was told by a High Cleric of Silm (Arch Priest Simon), that the devices represent the combined imagery of two Demonic forces (Asmodeus and Demigordon). The Cleric, in exchange for one of the special spell-crystals found on the cult corpses, makes 3 of the pendants into devices that can detect the presence of the sort of demonic evil behind them, hopefully helping the party locate/stop further cults.

It is also worth noting that the group made friends with the proprietor of the Black Bear Tavern, a well-traveled and adorable Elecrian named Glyph. Glyph apparently had lots of useful information for the party and was happy to share it.



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