The World of Ora

Third Session

Third Session

Session 3

The group, newly joined by a Chosen, arrived back in Accord on the day before Flameweaver’s birthday. When they got back to the city, they found a Sound Elf named Cacophony waiting for them. The Chosen who’d been assigned the group informed them that Cacophony was looking for ways to help her people and had wandered into Accord and been escorted around by Rhys, a Chosen with an interest in ensuring that not all new adventurers in Accord are indoctrinated with the belief that his kind are evil.

Both Cacophony and the Chosen who joined the party wore armor and carried big weapons. Yay for more front line fighters! Good thing they have the mage/healer to keep them afoot!

That night much drink and dance was had. Vix, the Earth Elemental Forger, provided the new Chosen of the party with an enhancement for the Chosen’s stein, allowing him to carry a tiny amount of the Dwarven substance known as Gut Shaker with him, in honor of a Dwarven hero who fell north of Dulon Landing some years ago. He warned the Chosen that the Gut Shaker was so potent that it even made Vix intoxicated for some days at a time (a month, specifically) and that it was dangerous stuff, but well worth it for a stout warrior!

The following morning, at breakfast in the Adventurers Guild hall, after everyone had a chance for more formal introductions, Rhys came in and let them know why he’d sent Cacophony to the group (she’s trustworthy, the group is trustworthy, that is a good mix!) and let them know that he expected bad things to happen on Flameweaver’s birthday. Shortly after, gongs rang out, summoning everyone outside for Flameweaver’s big birthday bash.

Outside, Flameweaver announced that he was going to open a special orphanage for all the children left without parents or proper support thanks to the war. Free schooling, food, and supplies for all the children, overseen by Flameweaver’s new assistants. He revealed new, strange, elves with black-lined ears and spell caster robes, next to the horrific demonic creatures with the warped symbol of Esteron etched in their skin. He explained that though the creatures appeared horrific, they were actually constructs made by his new allies to help combat assaults against the city and his person by those Chosen who were out to harm him. In addition, he’d be acting through these odd elves to give great gifts to the city on his naming day. At the close of his speech, both blooded and the new elves moved out to the major intersections of the city, offering great blessings, food, and even enchanted-looking weapons to anyone who would denounce the Chosen or Esteron. Many of the adventurers already on Flameweaver’s payroll, no doubt, leapt at the free goodies.

Hearing this appeared to make the horse, Dur, very upset. He projected the idea that he was very protective over children. Still, the party got out of dodge, traveling about 20 miles beyond the city gates before making camp. That night group was attacked by a group of 4 Blooded bearing warped symbols of Esteron and the powers of the Chosen. After defeating the Blooded, the band found out (by questioning a survivor), that the Blooded were given badges by the elf-casters that transformed the Blooded into chosen-like warriors and that they were sent after the group because they had a Chosen. Flameweaver, through his new elves, appeared to be using fire-against-fire. Closer study of the emblem on the Blooded also revealed a similarity between it and the holy symbols being worn by the warlocks in the first session.

Once the group realized that the blooded could be reverted back to normal by defeating them and destroying the anti-Esteron symbols, and that the Blooded was also freed from Flameweaver’s mind control, they decided to free the sole survivor of the Blooded attack party.

Dur, still in an incomprehensible rage, killed the shit out of the Blooded as he walked away. Sad times.

There was a week of travel after this, during which Kimpo came to realize that Dur was completely immune to magic of any type he could cast; moreover, Dur seemed to absorb and deflect the power entirely. This power appeared to be innate to the horse.

Continuing on, the group made it to Trell, where they discovered a destroyed/abandoned wagon that belonged to the LarLuck family. Kimpo, the Jun Mage-healer, knew much about the LarLucks and provided the group with vital insight into their doings. Apparently, the LarLucks had some ties with the Elven war or something. The wagon was missing some obviously valuable cargo, but the group decided not to investigate, as they sensed horrific doom (Uber Optional Boss of Rape Face).

Once the group made it to Dulon Landing, they met with Magistrate Hari, the sole human disciple of the Steel Shadow. An older man, he made it clear that as long as the group didn’t misbehave, there wouldn’t be any problems. He also gave them much information about the LarLucks, their possible ties to Hell technology and other shenanigans.

The group also went to the town brothel, met with Seaman Sal, and had a few fun conversations (players, I hope you kept notes!).

After, the group went to investigate the LarLuck’s haunted mansion. Inside, they were beset by trickster demons from Hell. Malicious fucks, the demons kept the party well occupied until, at last, they revealed several facts: the demons reproduced by making others consume things willingly, and the demons were tied to a magical vase – it prevented them from leaving the building – that was hidden behind a massive guardian golem (Moderate Optional Boss). Rick made a deal with the demons that he’d make sure the vase was sent to a special house, if they let the party pass. Suspicious, particularly of the Chosen, the demons grudgingly agreed.

Then the party tried to leave the house, and the demons initiated another set of tricks: Kimpo discovered a magical book. However, when he picked it up, he could not put it down. When he finally managed to remove it, he felt his intellect slightly drained. The group got out of the house and summoned Dur, asking for his help. Dur put his head into the building and, finding Kimpo’s book, consumed it, taking Kimpo’s intellect into himself. The group realized, then, that the trick of the book was to get/keep Kimpo in the house, as the party had agreed. They also realized that, hopefully, Dur could poop out Kimpo’s book and he could regain his intellect.

The Chosen of the group prayed for Esteron and Ash’s blessing. And shit got interesting._

Going back into the mansion, the party ambled (after much discussion) to the Golem, awakening a Draconic Iron Golem that proceeded to RAPE FACES. However, using arrows the party had gotten from a ranger in town, in tandem with Esteron’s blessing, the party prevailed! YAY!

The Chosen got a piece of his ultimate weapon (a special gauntlet made of black segments covered in spines and knife-looking things), the group discovered a new riddle, and happiness ensued.
Back outside, the Chosen asked Dur to poop in his Stein (in hopes of giving Kimpo back his intellect). Dur squeezed out a diamond poo, one that turned the Gut Shaker in the stein into ACID OF HORRIFIC DOOM. (Note: Gut shaker, without Dur poo had been shown to eat through water skins earlier in the night).

Kimpo drank the horrific, acid-filled abomination willingly and died, lost forever.

After, the group traded the remains of the construct with Sal for Wreaths of Underwater Breathing/Movement/ Speaking with intelligent aquatic creatures/Resistance to Ambient Cold and a Hellion Pocket watch.

In quick succession, Rick then had the Water Elementalist Siara, in tandem with help from Folst, a small blessing from Esteron, and an unknown power imbue the vase of demons with horrific anti-Flame Elementalist powers, then had Hari disguise it all and send it to Flame Weaver. The full consequences of this are not known, however, Rhys showed up to provide everyone in the group with this update:

Everyone gets 2 weeks of free training with Aralyn in Melk

Everyone but the Chosen gets some form of Gift from Ash

Flameweaver appears to be banished to the elemental plane of fire for six months, during which he’ll be fleeing/fighting for his life the entire time.

The black-eared elves have stepped in, taking a greater role in accord. Rhys has promised to go back and do his best to help protect the children, but he suggested that the party start investigating who/what those things are in a timely manner, as the party has probably pushed the elves’ agendas forward a bit.

After 11 hours of play and an optional boss of doom the final tally is:

One party member permanently killed.

New average party level: 4



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