Kelailus Teige

A naive dulosian truenamer out to experience the world.


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Kelailus Teige (kel-i-luss tay-zj)
Eesathajin’zalquanashzivalar (Ee-sa-tha-jihnzil-quan-ash-ziv¬-ahl-ar)

Kelailus was born in a mountainous region of Dulonia, in a small community called the Temple of Sublime Understanding. His parents, Callaxios and Lysistrata, moved there after having visited a seer during Lysistrata’s pregnancy wherein the seer told them their son would be best served at that remote monastic community. And serve him it did. Kel took to the stewardship of the scholars there with zeal while his parents settled into a quiescent life as cloth weavers and basket makers for the community. Often his mother’s sister Alcyone would visit the temple throughout his life there. Alcyone was a beautiful woman and an accomplished singer, and would perform for the community whenever she visited.
The scholars at the temple taught all the young Dulosians about the wonderful diversity of races and creatures in the world. Many days were spent discussing each civilization’s culture and racial heritage in depth. However this was not the extent of their learning by any means, for in order to truly know a thing you must first understand it as it appears… or so the scholars were fond of saying. Thus many subjects were covered during the lifetime that Kel spent at the temple. His favorites were always culture, history, literature, and astronomy. He often spent nights staring up at the sky, yearning to see the wondrous places and peoples that he was being taught about. All were Dulosian at the temple save the mute, ebon-furred Elecrian newborn that the Master Scholar had rescued and allowed to live with him shortly after Kel’s 7th birthday.
Upon the celebration of his 8th birthday, Kel was tasked with his Rite of Becoming, a ritual that all children at the temple partake in. Kel’s task was to travel to a neighboring mountain and climb to the peak. He was to spend a night on the peak of the mountain in meditation and upon his return he was to describe the sky there with only two words. He did so, making the journey with little trouble. Even the mountain climb was a manageable challenge for him, so well were the children versed in the lore of the world. Upon his return, Kel told the Master Scholar, “I cannot complete the Rite. I do not know the words to describe the serenity that I experienced there.” The Master Scholar smiled and congratulated young Kel for passing his Rite. Over the course of the next year the community constructed an observatory on that very peak, Kel aiding whenever he could. The observatory was named Serenity Peak by the Master Scholar in honor of Kel’s successful Rite.
Thereafter Kel began to study with the High Academics, learning of the truth of things in the world. During the time he was not in classes, he would be begging his aunt to sing for him when she was there, or at Serenity Peak writing both poetry and prose. Oftentimes he could be seen with a blank sheaf of parchment in front of him while he stares up at the blooming sky, struggling to think of the perfect words to describe the sunset or the moon or even a unique cloud formation.
Eight more years after Kel’s Rite of Becoming did he stay and study at the Temple of Sublime Understanding, and would have even longer if given the choice. Unbeknownst to any, his father and mother had been contacted by masters of the dead from the Island of the Ancestors. They claimed to possess the mausoleum where Callaxios’s own father, Theodereikis, was interred. Theodereikis has been a powerful and divinely favored priest that had given up his life during a doomed assault on the southern island. He was put to rest within the depths of the mausoleum that he had consecrated to be used as a staging point and safe house for the Dulosian troops. The necromancers threatened to corrupt, raise, and unleash Theodereikis upon Dulonia if Callaxios and Lysistrata did not aid them. So they did, using Kel to retrieve the secrets of the effect the High Academics kept in place around the temple to shield it from the outside world.
The scholars had almost no idea that anything was amiss. At least not until the Royal Seneschal came to visit the temple one fateful day. The king’s adviser, acting as the ruler of the Dulosian people in a king’s absence, came to the quiet mountainside community to ensure the sanctity of their culture was being preserved amidst the teachings of so many others… or so he told the Master Scholar. Kel happened upon the man as he was visiting one of the classrooms after the learning for the day was over. Kel had been returning a text he’d borrowed when he felt some kind of knotted wrongness coming from a classroom down the hall. He crept toward the source silently, stomach mimicking what his senses told him he was approaching. Just as he neared the door it opened and the red-robed figure of the Royal Seneschal strode out, giving Kel a look two parts amusement and one part contempt. Kel froze and the tall, handsome man left without saying a word. Kel immediately ran to his mentor and told him what he had felt, learning that the Master Scholar had felt the same. The old man warned Kel to keep this to himself until told otherwise, and Kel had every intention of doing so. However events that would occur just a few hours later all but drove the incident from the young man’s mind.
The deadlords brought down the shield that black night and decimated the temple, each Dulosian death adding might to their attack as the corpses rose back up and strove to kill their own friends and loved ones. The Master Scholar, along with a few of the more powerful High Academics, went to fight the invaders off while the surviving students were rounded up and herded inside one of the more secure buildings. They were insufficiently guarded however, and undead began to tear through the huddled, frightened children and teenagers. Many ran, Kel among them, sprinting in any direction that did not smell of rot and glow with the sickly green hue of the necromancers’ power. Kel hid in the stable, crouching down in the hay of an empty stall, at first not seeing the crimson wetness that stained his hiding place. It was not until he heard the moaning shuffle coming from behind him that he realized his error. Unable to turn around, he closed his eyes and waited to die. Instead he heard the voice of the Master Scholar speaking the tortured syllables of a spell, followed by the thump of a body hitting the ground behind him. He looked up and saw the old man, bloody and bruised, smiling at him from the stall’s gate.
Beckoning Kel to him, the Master Scholar led him from the stable and started away from the temple grounds. When they reached the edge of the compound they found themselves facing the full might of the necromancers along with hundreds of recently risen Dulosian undead. As the horde charged and the deadlords’ power began to draw the life from his flesh, Kel saw the Master Scholar speaking, saw the green lance of energy sprout from the old man’s chest, and despaired, for he knew what happened when powerful spells were interrupted. And then Kelailus knew no more.
He awoke some time later to a grey, overcast sky. His vision was obscured by a dark, feline form dripping some pink liquid into his mouth. The healing blood of the Elecrian began to take hold and he fully came around. He felt different, as if something fundamental within him had changed. He was unable to tell exactly what though, and they had more pressing concerns at the time. They searched through the devastated community for others, but found no one. They were the only two survivors. They lived in the wreckage for days, scavenging what little uncorrupted food was left. Kel and his friend, whom he started calling Trixie, cobbled together a shelter from broken boards and stones to protect them from the elements, until Alcyone arrived and took them back with her to her home in a city near the foothills of the mountains.
They lived with Alcyone and her husband, Mencius, for several more years thereafter. Kel found that he was now able to understand how Alcyone wove such beautiful words together in strings that tugged at her listeners’ minds and feelings. As time went by he found that he was able to more readily describe the beauty in the world than before, and in fact became extremely adept at doing so. While not possessed of a crystalline singing voice like his aunt, he found that he could nearly rival her abilities in his own way. He spent years apprenticing under her during the day and practicing his writing skills at night. Mencius was an accomplished crafter and player of many types of wind instruments, and Trixie seemed to take to his arts with a natural ease that spoke of a wellspring of hidden, innate talent.
As time passed, Kel began to feel a longing within himself. In the city he was exposed to the strife that the Dulosians were experiencing with no king. He began to feel ill at ease with simply learning and writing and performing. He needed to leave. He needed to find the necromancers that attacked the temple and understand why they did so. He needed to see if he could help his people by visiting the Chosen queen that he heard was connected to this crisis. He needed to experience all of the wonders of the world that he had learned of during his years in the temple.
He expressed his needs to his teal-haired aunt. She smiled at him and said, “Kelailus, what you feel is natural and right. I knew one day you would leave me and I have prepared for it. You have been like the son I never had and I love you as if you were my own. Allow me to collect a few things that we have been saving away and we will see you off in the morning.” Kel agreed, and the following morning she presented to him a bundled package while Mencius presented a similar package to Trixie, the Elecrian having surprised Kel by deciding to leave with him. A long, tearful goodbye followed, and Kel and Trixie set off.
After some discussion that day, which involved a slate board and chalk for the silent Trixie, they decided that their first destination would be to Accord. Kel wanted to experience the Creation Stone and knew that it may provide him with skills that his years in the quiet learning community of his birth did not; skills that would be needed to make their way through the often harsh yet beautiful world. Feeling as though this were not the true start of their journey, Kel refused to open the pack that his beloved aunt had made for him, and only delved into the coin she provided in order to obtain food and travel arrangements… along with a blank book and writing utensils.
Almost immediately he began to record notes and musings about everything they encountered on their thankfully uneventful trip to Accord. From the habits of human innkeepers to the feel of a rolling ship beneath his feet, there was little that did not spark wonder in Kel’s eyes during the voyage. A combination of his keen intellect and loved companion Trixie kept them from falling prey to those that would seek to exploit such naiveté.
After reaching Accord he negotiated to touch the Creation Stone, offering his services to the kingdom for a defined period of time. The negotiations were successful and he was allowed access to the Stone. He touched the Stone and spoke to it mentally, “I want to witness the wonders of the world, great and small, and comprehend the truth of them. I want the insight and ability to speak the language of these truths so that others may see the world as I do, that I may describe the feelings that are invoked within me upon witness of the hidden beauty of all things and make others understand, if only a little. I want to be able to read past what is written on the page and see the real and whole meaning behind the words. I want the mysteries of reality to be revealed to my questing eye when I am ready to see them that I might comprehend the beauty of their existence until all truths are known to me. And if she wills it, I want my closest friend, the elecrian Trixie, by my side during this journey of knowledge and beauty for as long as we both desire it to be so.” He came away from the experience with a deeper understanding of things, and seemed to partially know some other language. He spent a few days experimenting with what he had been given, and came to call his power truespeak.
Their purpose in Accord accomplished, the Dulosian and Elecrian friends set off once again, their journey into parts unknown having begun in truth.

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Kelailus Teige

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