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Consider the following common knowledge:

At the end of the previous campaign, the Chosen War ended with the race establishing itself as a dominant force. Paradiel, God of Monsters, fled the scene and much of the old technology from the time of the Lords of Helios was suppressed far beneath the ground and beyond most people’s reach. The Shadow Legion has splintered; now possessing free will (and having separate genders, of sorts), the Legionnaires have begun defining their own territory and laws in relative isolation. With the heroes of the Chosen War to guard against the Weavers, the world seemed to be more or less quiescent.

Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, during their adventures, the heroes learned of an inclement draconic invasion, something that they were unable – or unwilling – to stop. In addition, the continent of Wai, home to the enigmatic Jun, has grown silent. Exports of consumable Maya sap, in the form of Gold Water, have shut down entirely. The only communications between Wai and the mainland are through the Monastery of the Fallen Star, run by the four-armed monk-hero said to have mastered the path of the Pivot. To the north and east, near Pervale, ships have been mysteriously vanishing. Reports are that Shadow Legionnaires still loyal to the ideals of Paradiel have been surveying that area.

Beyond these potentially significant events – the kingdom of Under, of the Dwarves, has continued to grow distant from the Empire. Slow trade, an issue for the last decade, continues and few, if any, dwarves are willing to admit the reasons why. If the heroes know, they aren’t telling. Perhaps something to do with the shattered Dwarven war machine? Relationships between the new Chosen King and Queen and the dwarves are terse, at best. The elven kingdom of Grace continues preparing for a war, one that they say has been foretold by oracles of nature.

On Pervale, land of the Golden Lords (also known as the Force Lords), an alliance has been struck between the Mind Flayers and the Beholders. Rumors from that island state that the two have banded together with an unknown third party to help a new generation of adventurers against a foe that threatens the world. Their methods, however, are more than a little questionable.

After their arrival via meteorite and the formation of their metallic island home, the Myregar have done relatively little expansion; there are no known ambassadors, no trade negotiations – nothing. Rumor has it, however, that part of the massive Dwarven war machine, destroyed years ago, had plans to mine out the riches of the foreigners, whether they liked it or not.

The Dragon Kingdoms – since renamed the Unaffiliated Commons (probably due to word of actual dragons…) has been happy and quiet with no issues. Isn’t that lovely?

Gathering – the island of Elementalists and Elemental Knights has seen a surge of power; apparently recent events in the realm of the Gods has further distanced the Gods and enhanced the sway of the elemental planes. This may influence elementally flavored classes and races world-wide, but – so far – no one knows for certain.

Dulona: The Dulosians remain in constant conflict with the land of undead to their south. Locked in endless war, the Dulosians are helpless to aid the other races and their alliances are tentative, at best.

Of the Weavers nothing is known. Ash, King of the Chosen, has since renounced most of his power (once again) and sent it after Paradiel. Word is that he is working on a permanent solution to stop the Weavers, and any number of other Extra-Planar threats from ever invading Ora again. We’ll see how that one goes…

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