Gods of Ora

The Gods, known as “The Absent Gods”, have fallen from common worship.

In major cities, primarily Accord, there still exists active clergy and temples to most Gods. As such, people from Accord begin with a basic knowledge of the Gods for free. Those from the Allied lands can get 2 ranks in Knowledge: Accord, 3 ranks in Knowledge: Allied Lands, or 1 rank in Knowledge: Gods for a full God’s list, along with details of their powers.

The reason that God worship has fallen into disfavor is because the Gods have not made a direct appearance in hundreds of years. Clerics represent the Gods, sure, but healing powers manifest in many ways that don’t die to a specific deity (such as having a Faith, or using alternative powers). Even if a Cleric claims to be backed by a deity, most common people shrug it off, as no one God dominates anyone’s hearts any longer.

The same includes most other deities. Specific knowledge of a given deity rarely helps anyone other than adventurers or clerics; as a result, no full list of the Gods is present without active research. Characters will know the Gods local to their practice, however; mages will know who the God of Magic is, for example. In addition, localized Gods will be known by name (Druids do know the name of the God of Nature, even if they call it Nature).

There are a small handful of Gods that would be known by all:

Among adventurers, the God of Adventuring – Devin – is well known, though his aspects and attributes are not without research.

The now vanished God of the Shadow Legion, Paradiel, was the God of Insanity and Monsters.

Rial is the God of gamblers and chance takers, often called upon by adventurers in times of extreme duress.

Gods of Ora

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